Squid Game Holiday Sweater Features All Six Of The Show’s Games News

Squid Game Holiday Sweater Features All Six Of The Show’s Games

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Time icon October 29, 2021

All six of the show’s deadly games are featured on a Squid Game holiday sweater. The Korean Netflix series began on September 17 and tells the narrative of Seong Gi-hun, a down-on-his-luck gambling addict who is drawn into a survival game in the hopes of earning a significant sum of money.

Gi-hun, along with 455 other candidates, must play children’s games that, if lost, will result in the player’s death. Squid Game has approximately two billion Netflix watch minutes because of strong word-of-mouth and robust localization assistance, with subtitles in 37 languages.

With Squid Game being the largest international hit to hit the tiny screen in a long time, it’s no surprise that enthusiastic fans are ready to buy goods. The show’s distinctive costume design has made it a popular choice for many Halloween costumers; resulting in a huge increase in white Vans sales around the start of October.

However, don’t forget that Christmas is rapidly approaching; and Squid Game lovers have the opportunity to get ahead of the holiday buying frenzy. Merchoid has released a new sweater that combines classic Christmas designs with iconography from the entire series.

All six of Squid Game’s tasks are represented, as well as the four Ppopgi shapes from episode 3′ and the guards’ masks are even used to create Christmas trees and snowflakes. The sweaters are available in male and female sizes ranging from XS to XXXL, with the site noting that the product is in high demand.

The sweater is just one of numerous Squid Game merchandise options, which also includes Funko Pops and honeycomb sweets. Take a look at the design of the sweater below:

Netflix Series Might Inspire Valentine’s Day & Easter Too

Squid Game’s international popularity demonstrates that Korean drama can reach a global audience, and it surely helps that the series is suited to goods like Merchoid’s sweater. The show’s design is one of its strongest points; with the harsh reality of life outside the tournament complex contrasting with the brilliant colours; and M.C. Escher-esque architecture.

While the players’ and guards’ distinctive costumes naturally adapted to a holiday like Halloween; this sweater highlights the versatility of the show’s emblems; and if Squid Game’s success continues; there’s no reason to think Valentine’s Day and Easter won’t be next.

Despite all of this advertising, the popularity of Squid Game is due to its high-stakes plot; outstanding visual aesthetic, and unique character development. The universal themes of survival and economic disparity are recognised and identified by viewers from all across the world; and audiences are urged to consider what they would do in such grave circumstances.

They won’t have to find out, thankfully; because knowing that no one ever played the lethal children’s games makes it a lot easier to feel quite cheerful about getting a new Squid Game sweater this Christmas season.

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