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WandaVision: Elizabeth Olsen Reveals The One Thing She Thought People Wouldn’t Like

When WandaVision went out of its sitcom universe, Elizabeth Olsen expressed anxiety that viewers wouldn’t enjoy it. The first Disney+ series starring the star-crossed Avenger lovers started off Phase 4 for Marvel Studios. The show, directed by Matt Shakman and developed by Jac Schaeffer, followed Wanda and Vision as they moved to Westview to live the perfect city life, until it was discovered to be a fantasy created by Wanda.

WandaVision is the longest Marvel Studios series so yet, with nine episodes compared to The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s six episodes and Loki’s six episodes. It’s also the most unusual Disney+ show and Marvel Cinematic Universe offering overall, since it really celebrates its sitcom roots, especially in the first few episodes.

For many, switching the decades each week and paying tribute to iconic TV sitcoms was a nostalgic walk down memory lane. WandaVision, however, became more standard Marvel Studios material as it became a part of the franchise. Olsen was concerned about this change.

Olsen’s assumed anxieties about WandaVision turned out to be the exact opposite of what many viewers experienced. When the show originally premiered, there were some reservations about it due to its slow pacing and distinct look and feel from other MCU shows.

People had to get used to the franchise’s new expanded storytelling structure, which was a departure from the franchise’s previous focus on conveying a whole story on the big screen. Overall, however, everything went smoothly, and WandaVision did an excellent job of establishing Scarlet Witch’s future as one of the Marvel universe’s most powerful characters.

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