Vishal Parekh

Vishal Parekh to break his birthday ritual by not spending time at an NGO this year due to lockdown

Unlike every year, this year actor Vishal Parekh to miss spending time at an NGO on account of his birthday.

Vishal who is celebrating his birthday today opted to stay indoors instead and follow the government guidelines to avoid mass contact amid the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak.

The actor chooses to celebrate his birthday with the NGO people every year by treating them with savouries and gifts but this year Vishal has decided to feed the stray dogs outside his house instead.

Vishal Parekh aka Vishal DOP is a social media sensation who was recently seen in a Gujarati single titled ‘Bhai No Mel Padi Gayo’ alongside Kinjal Dave.

The actor enjoys a huge fanbase on social media. Vishal is best known for his unique content creation, a proof of which is seen on his Instagram where the actor keeps engaging with his fans in different ways.

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