U.S To Lift Land Border Restrictions For Vaccinated Visitors From November News

U.S To Lift Land Border Restrictions For Vaccinated Visitors From November

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October 18, 2021

The United States of America has announced that it’s land borders are officially going to open for vaccinated visitors. After a similar move that saw the removal of air travel restrictions, it’s turn for land border restrictions to vanish.

There had been a 19-month restriction that did not allow any non-essential land travel from Mexico and Canada into the United States. However, all of these restrictions are coming to an end in November.

Who Will Be Allowed To Enter?

Visitors via road, train, and ferry will only be required to show a proof of vaccination and not a negative COVID test. Air travelers need to show both proof of vaccination as well as a negative coronavirus test.

The essential travelers coming into the U.S such as truck drivers will also need to be fully vaccinated by January. The Biden Administration has faced pressure for months to lift the land border restrictions and it has finally paid heed.

However, ‘Title 42’ imposed by the former Trump administration is still not going to be removed. Title 42 effectively cuts access for asylum seekers trying to get in the country from Mexico.

CDC Guidelines

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.), while talking about the recent upliftment of land border restrictions said the following.

“Finally, the New York-Canadian border will be open again to vaccinated travelers from both nations…This reopening will be welcome news to countless businesses, medical providers, families, and loved ones that depend on travel across the northern border.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) ha laid some important guidelines. It said that it would only recognize vaccines accepted by the World Health Organization and US regulators.

The coronavirus pandemic disrupted the global economy but things finally seem going back to normal. The aviation industry experienced a massive hit during the time COVID cases were rising. At the same time international travel had halted. However, the US has also allowed international visitors from India, China, Brazil, and 33 other countries.

Impact Of Coronavirus

The COVID pandemic severely impacted the globe. Some of the effects of coronavirus were:

  • Mental Health of people around the world became worse.
  • Financial problems became common in households.
  • Education of children took a hit as most teaching shifted online
  • Unemployment rose to record levels.
  • Businesses failed and many filed for bankruptcy
  • Undernourishment and global poverty rose higher than ever before
  • Millions died across the world and the healthcare system of many countries collapsed.

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