Tyron Woodley Hints At Getting ‘I Love Jake Paul’ Tattoo And Then Removing It News

Tyron Woodley Hints At Getting ‘I Love Jake Paul’ Tattoo And Then Removing It

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Time icon August 31, 2021

YouTuber-turned Pro Boxer Jake Paul recently won against former UFC champ Tyron Woodley extending his professional bout win streak to 4-0. However, there were talks going around about Jake Paul Vs Tyron Woodley 2 immediately after.

While Jake Paul was announced the winner of the match via split decision, Tyron Woodley believed that he was the deserving man of the night. When Showtime presenter Ariel Helwani asked Tyron if he would accept a rematch opportunity against Jake, the UFC Champ was all-ready for it.

What Is The Tattoo Bet?

Jake Paul, however, reminded Tyron Woodley of their ‘tattoo bet’ which they made before their fight. According to the bet between Jake and Tyron, the loser of the fight gets a tattoo that says ‘I Love *winner’s name*’. In this case, Tyron Woodley is supposed to get an ‘I Love Jake Paul’ tattoo.

Jake Paul said that if Tyron gets himself tattooed and honors the bet, he will do a rematch and fight Tyron Woodley again.

‘If you get the tattoo I Love Jake Paul, let’s run it back,’ said Jake.

Tyron Woodley announced ‘let’s go, bet’ in the center of the ring at the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse stadium, meaning he would get himself an ‘I Love Jake Paul’ tattoo for the rematch. Have a look below:


Will Tyron Woodley Really Get A Tattoo?

But wait for a second.. it isn’t as straightforward as it seems. During the post-fight conference when Tyron Woodley was asked where would he be getting the tattoo, he said he hasn’t decided it yet and it would ‘probably be on his thigh’.

Tyron Woodley also said that he would need the rematch contract against Jake Paul before getting the tattoo.

But later on, when the former UFC champ sat down for an interview at MMA Hour, he was asked the same tattoo question. This time Tyron Woodley hinted towards something fishy.

Presenter Ariel asked whether there was a possibility that Tyron would get himself tattoed and then remove it later on.

To this, Tyron immediately ‘shooed’ the presenter while smiling and ignoring his question. Tyron subtly managed to ask Ariel to move to the next question. Ariel Helwani said ‘okay.. sorry sorry’ and the two immediately changed the topic. Watch the clip from MMA Hour below:

Courtesy: MMA Hour

While Tyron Woodley might have some fishy plans in mind, let us wait to see if he gets bound by the rematch contract to get a ‘permanent’ tattoo instead.

What do you think? Is it fair for Tyron to get a tattoo and then remove it later on? Tell us your thoughts in the comments

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