Jake Paul Proposes Girlfriend Julia Rose On Instagram

YouTube and Boxing sensation Jake Paul is living his best life. After defeating former UFC Champ Tyron Woodley on August 29th, Jake Paul is looking to upcoming challenges in his career.

However, now the younger Paul’s brother has taken some time off to show some love to his girlfriend Julia Rose. Julia recently changed her Instagram username to @juliarosepaul from @juliarose.

Jake Paul’s love life has been quite interesting. While he was previously engaged to Tana Mongeau, the couple later revealed that they never had a ‘legal wedding’ and it was all for the views!

‘Don’t Ever Doubt My Man’

After Jake Paul’s win against Tyron Woodley, Julia took to Instagram to share a picture with her beau. In the picture, she is seen kissing Jake Paul while both of them have smiles on their face.

Julia Rose Paul captioned the post “tastes like another win to me 😋 DONT EVER DOUBT MY MAN”. The post has over 80,000 likes at the time of writing this article. Jake Paul took this moment to propose here girlfriend.

‘Marry Me?’

Jake Paul commented “marry me?” under Julia’s latest Instagram post. The comment has more than 1.4k likes and over 100 comments. Users replied to Jake’s comment criticizing him for proposing to Julia Rose ‘just for the views’.

Just a week ago, Jake Paul revealed that he will be proposing to Julia Rose sometime soon.

When Jake was asked if he will be going in a ‘married man’ in the ring on August 29th, his answer was straight to the point.

“We are not married,” Jake said in a fun mood. “But I see that coming, for sure. I got her a nice promise ring-slash-pre-engagement ring. I plan on proposing sometime soon. But we’ll see what happens. We’re in love. It’s pretty dope.”

It wasn’t expected that it would be this soon. The Internet definitely expects a bigger and well-planned proposal from Jake Paul to Julia Rose. After all, we know that the Problem Child delivers on his promises and he has already gotten a promise ring for the love of his life! Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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