Jake Paul Set To Have Tyron Woodley Rematch But He Has A Condition

Jake Paul Set To Have Tyron Woodley Rematch But He Has A Condition; Twitter Reacts

After Jake Paul was declared the winner over Tyron Woodley in their highly anticipated PPV bout, there were talks about a rematch immediately after.

The influencer has marked his fourth victory in the books. He received a nod against former UFC champion Tyron after a split decision from his hometown judges. But Tyron immediately declared a rematch. He said he and Jake need to fight again because nobody is going to sell a PPV as they did. Tyron said, “Of course I want a rematch. I hit him and the ropes held him up.”

Jake said he would definitely want a rematch but he had his opportunity. However, Jake agreed to have a rematch but he had a condition. He asked Tyron to get a tattoo saying “I love Jake Paul”. The influencer had gone into the fight as the clear-cut favourite.

However, after eight rounds he defeated Tyron via split decision. This was his hardest challenge and the first time he had to fight more than two rounds. Tyron had started off slowly but picked up the momentum as the fight continued. He even landed a huge punch on Jake in the fourth round.

But turns out Jake was more calculated and showed everyone why he should be considered as a professional fighter. However, Jake wasn’t happy with the result and called the split decision “bullsh-t”. Tyron was even more upset and has asked for a potential rematch.

Fans were prepared for witnessing some knock-out punches from the two but the fight did not live up to the hype. Tyron did seem promising in Round 4 as he bounced off of Jake’s head but he did not live up to the expectations. His fans expressed their disappointment with the former UFC champion. Many were happy with Jake’s win but Tyron’s fans were bitter and stated that the match was rigged.

Fans of the controversial YouTuber expressed on Twitter that they now wish to see Jake Paul fight professional boxers, which would be an eventful match.

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