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Twitter Outraged As Drake Bell Is Sentenced To 2 Years Of Probation After Child Endangerment Charges

Drake Bell has been recently sentenced to two years of probation after being charged with child endangerment last month.

The actor had been arrested on June 3rd on the basis of child endangerment charges. This included a 15-year-old and at the time of the incident, he was 31-years-old. He was reportedly exchanging messages that were sexual in nature via social media with a female minor.

After the actor’s arrest, he was received bail on a bond of $2,500 and ordered to stay away from the victim. The now 35-year-old pleaded guilty via Zoom on June 23rd at a pretrial hearing. He pleaded guilty to the felony charge of “child endangerment” as well as “disseminating harmful matter to juveniles”.

Drake was potentially expected to face up to 18 months in jail and felony fines. However, his sentencing went public to reveal that the actor has received two years of probation. After the sentencing was public, the internet was not happy. Many users believe that he should have been thrown in jail as the social injustice angered people.

People also thought that it was unfair to give the singer probation time as other alleged child groomers have been arrested before. Many users brought to everybody’s attention how people are continuing to serve sentences for when marijuana was still illegal, even though it has now become legal.

Former fans of the star and the internet have been outraged by this ruling. Some have also claimed that it was racially motivated, or because of his fame, but many are unhappy.

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