Twitch Streamer xQc Has A Warning For Halo Infinite Following Game’s Surprise Release

Twitch streamer xQc is one of the most well-known and followed creators on the platform. The streamer has a massive following and it would be safe to say that xQc also holds a good amount of influence over the game devs of games that he plays.

xQc is always outspoken and straight-forward when it comes to expressing his opinions. He has done the same again. The streamer warned Halo Infinite game devs regarding the statistics and launch-day figures. He advised Halo not do commit the same mistake as ‘Overwatch’ did which led to its eventual demise.

‘Same Mistake As Overwatch’

But what exactly was xQc talking about? When a viewer commented about the success of the game on the launch day and how it could be a ‘really good sign’ for Halo, xQc disagreed vehemently.

“This is the same mistake as Overwatch,” xQc began, talking about the Blizzard title in which he competed for three years. “[People keep saying] 200k at launch… so cool, Halo is huge! But it might not stay that way.”

“Let’s keep boasting these hype, announcement-driven analytics from one day for months, years,” xQc said in a sarcastic tone. “That’s a good idea, never gone wrong before.”

What was Overwatch’s mistake though? xQc explained that when he said “Overwatch did that, said “34 million” for years, but it was stagnating. “34 million!” they say, but on a good day 8k were watching, and not many more playing.”

Halo Infinite Surprise Release

“I think people have moved on from Halo,” he said about Infinite’s chances to stay popular. “It’s slow and outdated. It lacks serious pace in its gameplay.”

Many gamers joined the bandwagon on the surprise release day of Halo. Dr Disrespect, who was one amongst them streamed eight hours, well past his usual stream duration as he was so caught up in playing the game. He was all-praises for Halo Infinite.

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