Dr Disrespect Streams For Eight Hours Following Halo Infinite Surprise Release

Dr Disrespect is one of the most popular streamers on the planet. He holds a reputation of being an outspoken and straight forward streamer.

Dr Disrespect recently slammed a viewer who accused his merch of being ‘garbage quality’. And more recently, the streamer also accused Twitch of defamation following his permanent ban from the platform. He has been exclusively streaming on YouTube since then.

‘The Game Plays So Good’

Dr Disrespect has expressed worries about the Halo Infinite game in the past. He always wanted a Halo Battle Royale mode but his hopes were never ackowledged by the game developers. But guess what? Dr Disrespect is finally backtracking on his worries and actually enjoying the Halo Infinite game.

The Halo Infinite game was released earlier than planned which surprised the whole gaming community. It was released 24 days before the release date.

After playing the game, Dr Disrespect sent out a tweet which said “Firm handshakes to Halo Infinite, the game plays so good,” adding his trademark “yayaya” too.

Dr Disrespect Does Not Have Any Major Issue

The streamer did not have any major concerns and said that the small complaints that he may have ‘can be fixed’.

“There’s a few things I’ve got complaints about, a few maps I don’t like that much, but they’re really small complaints really. They’re things that can be fixed.”

“Honestly, I don’t feel like I have any major issues, really.”

“When I engage someone, we shoot each other and I’m not feeling the impact. You don’t notice, and suddenly your shields are 20% and you’re dead.

“Taking crucial damage, that has to be really, really clear.”

In the end, the YouTuber blew past his usual stream-time, staying live over eight hours for the first time since September. He said: “I just can’t stop playing.”

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