Twitch Is Developing New Mods To Limit Hate Raids After #ADayOffTwitch

#ADayOffTwitch was a massive success. The protest, which aimed to pressurize Twitch to get serious and take action on the growing trend of hate raids took place on September 1.

During #ADayOffTwitch, streamers decided not to use the platform or stream on Twitch 1st September 2021. This resulted in a drop in engagement and viewership on Twitch.

#ADayOffTwitch Protest

Users vowed to not use the platform on September 1 in solidarity with people who have been exposed to excessive level of harassment.

And guess what? Twitch has taken note of the #ADayOffTwich protest. The platform has now revealed its plans of working on new algorithms and mods that will limit hate raids.

What Are Hate Raids?

A Hate Raid is basically spamming/botting a streamer’s Twitch chat with racist and obscene slurs. While it might not be as common with the bigger Twitch streamers as compared to smaller ones, it still is an issue that should not go unnoticed.

The Twitch hate raids are known for targetting the minority groups such as LGBTQ+streamers.

What Did Twitch Say?

Here is Twitch’s official statement:

“Harassment of any kind, whether in the form of hate raids, malicious spam, or other targeted attacks, is against our Community Guidelines and counter to our community values.”

“We are continuing to build new features to prevent the harm caused by malicious spam, botting, and raiding, but in the meantime, we wanted to highlight the tools that are currently available to help combat this kind of behavior. We know many Creators are already using these strategies, and have been sharing tactics and tools with each other, and we want to ensure this information is readily available for others who may need it.”


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