‘Nobody Gives A Fu*k’: Asmongold On #ADayOffTwitch Boycott

Well, the legendary World of Warcraft gamer has spoken out and the rest of the pack better listen to his advice! Asmongold recently talked about the ongoing #ADayOffTwitch movement. If you aren’t aware of the idea behind the boycott, let’s break it down first.

#ADayOffTwitch is a boycott that small streamers aim to pull off on September 1 to bring Twitch’s attention to the worsening trend of hate raids. The hate raids are basically spam messages and bots that flood a streamer’s chat causing a lot of nuisance. Recently Twitch streamer HasanAbi already spoke out about the worsening trend of hate raids and said that he would ‘talk to Twitch’ about it.

Asmongold Does Not Support #ADayOfftwitch

But there’s one person who isn’t supporting #ADayOffTwitch. It’s Asmongold. But why is Asmongold not interested in the betterment of the Twitch community? Well, he has some legit reasons for not supporting the Twitch Boycott scheduled for September 1.

Asmongold thinks that ‘nobody gives a fu*k about the boycott because there’s a bunch of 20 people involved. For the movement to gain authority and generate a response from the side of Twitch, big names should advocate for #ADayOffTwitch.

“Nobody gives a f**k if you take the day off. Nobody knows who you are. That’s the truth,” Asmongold comments. “You can’t get a bunch of 20 [small streamers] together and think you’re going to do anything. Nobody gives a f**k.”

‘I Don’t Believe In This’

“That’s why I don’t believe in this,” he said. “Who are these people? That’s why it’s not going to work. That’s the whole point.”

Do you think that #ADayOffTwitch campaign would be successful to ignite an official response from Twitch? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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