HasanAbi Frustrated With Twitch Hate Raids; Says He Gets ‘Botted’ Everyday News

HasanAbi Frustrated With Twitch Hate Raids; Says He Gets ‘Botted’ Everyday

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Time icon August 23, 2021

If you’re a user of Twitch, no matter as an audience or as a streamer, you must know how annoying the Twitch ‘hate raids’ are! And recently they have been going out of control. Twitch seems the least worried about it. However, it is the streamers on the platform that have to suffer the consequences.

Before diving into what Twitch streamer ‘HasanAbi’ has to say about hate raids, let us understand what these ‘hate raids’ really are.

What Are Hate Raids?

Hate Raid is basically spamming/botting a streamer’s Twitch chat with racist and obscene slurs. The hate raids discourage budding streamers and cause a nuisance in smooth-going streams! They are also an embarrassment for the Twitch streamers. While it might not be as common with the bigger Twitch streamers as compared to smaller ones, it still is an issue that should not go unnoticed.

The Twitch hate raids are known for targetting the minority groups such as LGBTQ+streamers.

HasanAbi Expresses Frustration

One streamer who is relatively bigger than others but is still a victim to hate raids is HasanAbi. He has decided to ‘talk to Twitch’ about the issue.

HasanAbi admitted that there are temporary solutions to fix the hate raid issues during streams but he feels that Twitch should do more. He said, “i’ll definitely talk to twitch about this issue as well as it’s not something that anyone should deal with, let alone smaller streamers trying to grow.”

A Day Off Twitch

Hasan gets botted during many streams but he has a sophisticated system of mods in place that ban hate messages and bots in case they enter the chat. This is not the case with smaller streamers on the platform as most sophisticated mods are either bought or proprietary self-funded.

To celebrate a successful first half of 2021, Hasan has recently purchased a new house in West Hollywood that is worth over $2.74 million. However, internet users criticized Hasan for spending an enormous amount of money to purchase a house. But why would anyone on the internet criticize you for buying a house? Find out here.

Recently, Twitch streamers have started using the #ADayOffTwitch hashtag to bring the platform’s attention to the hate raids issue. The hashtag calls all the streamers to not use the platform, stream, or do anything on Twitch on September 1.

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