Jake Paul's Boxing Series on Netflix: Untold

By: Bharti Chauhan

Popular YouTube Boxer Jake Paul now has his own series on Netflix

In Jake Paul’s Untold series, Netflix tells the true story behind memorable sporting moments since 2021

The release date of the series is August 1, 2023

On Tuesday, August 1, 2023, Jake Paul will appear on Untold as ‘Jake Paul the Problem Child’.

The episode titled “Jake Paul: The Problem Child” will explore Paul’s rise to fame, controversial career, and future plans.

It is “an unflinching look at how a kid from Ohio became the most polarizing figure in sports.”

This 70-minute episode focusing on one of the most controversial names in combat sports appears to have a lot to say.

As Jake Paul recounts his journey from online prankster to professional boxer, his fans are more than excited to watch the August 1 release