Trisha Paytas Described As A Hypocrite After Ethan Klein’s TikTok Goes Viral News

Trisha Paytas Described As A Hypocrite After Ethan Klein’s TikTok Goes Viral

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Time icon August 18, 2021

Ethan Klein responded to Trisha Paytas’ latest actions in the best way. Almost everyone is aware that Ethan has beef with Keemstar. He recently had made fun of the influencer as he made a joke about his young girlfriend.

Ethan also suspected that Keemstar was the one behind the H3 podcast being suspended on Youtube for a week. Trisha was the recent guest star on Keemstar and FaZe Bank’s Mom’s Basement podcast. This comes after they were with Ethan on the Frenemies podcast and let alone the fact that they were engaged to his brother-in-law, Moses Hacmon.

Ethan responded to this “betrayal” in a duetted video on TikTok. He sat with his chin on his chest while he watched contradictionsoftrish’s video. In the clip, the influencer had admitted that they felt suicidal over a guest on the podcast. They also claimed that they had to go on various podcasts to stay relevant.

“I think Ethan and Keemstar should have a discussion, even if the hate is real or not. I don’t know, I never got into it with Ethan on a personal level.”

Trisha Paytas

In another clip, Ethan is seen explaining to Trisha why he was not a fan of Keemstar. The podcast host shared that Keem is the only person in the world that he doesn’t like. He added that the Drama channel host is a “really toxic force on YouTube”. The influencer further stated that Keemstar causes a lot of grief and made Hila cry once.

Ethan said, “Keemstar made Hila cry once. Hila tried to talk to him, and he… made her cry, he was so f***ing rude.” However, the influencer did not say anything and only made facial expressions while playing the clip.

His TikTok was shared on Instagram by defnoodles. Many users do make the mistake of referring to Trisha as ‘she’ and ‘her’ when their pronouns are ‘they’ and ‘them’. A user commented that they loved Ethan’s face and described it like he’s smelling the hypocrisy. While another user shared that Trisha has really hurt Ethan on many levels.

Yet another user stated that both of them are hypocrites while others called her a “clown” or “snake”. Trisha is yet to respond to Ethan’s TikTok video.

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