The Internet Cannot Handle Chris Pratt Voicing Super Mario

The Internet Cannot Handle Chris Pratt Voicing Super Mario

Chris Pratt has been roped in for the cast of the upcoming animated movie, Mario and will be in the role of the main lead. And the internet seems to have lost its mind as it cannot handle this information. Nintendo has kept their video game characters out of TV and film.

This changed when Illumination began developing an animated Super Mario film that will be based on Nintendo’s most famous character. There aren’t many details that are provided of the untitled movie. This is why it was such a big shock when Nintendo announced the A-list cast and release for the film.

The upcoming movie will be led by none other than Chris, who will voice Mario. He will be starring alongside Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Day; Jack Black, Keegan-Michael Key, Seth Rogen, Kevin Michael Richardson; Sebastian Maniscalco, Fred Armisen, and Chris Martinet.

Nintendo even announced the film’s premiere date which will be on December 21, 2022. This announcement itself was a surprise but there is another news which is breaking the internet. After the announcement of Chris Pratt being the voice of Mario, Twitter was full of emotions as users reacted to the news.

Many users were supportive of the actor being the main lead, but many also questioned how the actor would pull off the character’s central Italian accent. Some tweets criticizing the decision and some considering it as a dream come true started surfacing. Others, however, were simply taking it as an opportunity to create memes and jokes out of the situation.

Viewers Have Mixed Emotions About Chris Being Mario

There were many tweets that were fun and artistic as users photoshopped Mario’s hat and moustache onto Chris. They even added some wild Yoshis to his photos. Others were questioning the decision behind the casting and why Mario’s actual game voice actor, Martinet is given a cameo in the movie.

Chris is extremely loved for his roles in live-action films like Guardians of the Galaxy and he has been a part of the animated realm as well. He had portrayed Barley Lightfoot in Disney’s Onward and is known for voicing Emmet in The Lego Movie. But the actor did not have to perform any accents or display noticeable voice changes for these roles. This makes users question if the actor will be able to pull off Mario’s voice.

It can be understandable that the casting of Chris as Mario is being met with mixed reactions. Many users who are arguing or displeased have been growing up playing Mario video games and cannot imagine the actor pulling of Mario’s character. But viewers have to remember that the studio is adapting a video game into live-action and this will have major adjustments and changes.

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