The Delightful Star Zubab Rana’s Lollywood Journey

Zubab Rana is a rising star of Pakistan Television Industry who has gained a huge following her good looks, strong personality, and amazing acting. Even though she has only been around for a while, she has made a place in the hearts of the audience with her shiny acting skills and undeniable charm.

Her challenging roles in the series Mere Khudaya and Bandish earned her fame and strengthened her position in Pakistan Television Industry. Rana, unlike other newbies, did not choose sharp roles but instead finds a resume with many challenging roles in her arsenal.

Her big fanbase is eager to know more about the Bandish actor so without further ado, let’s get into it.

Debut Modeling Experience

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Zubab Rana began her career at the rampage after one of her friends stopped her at the post office by a modeling agency. The agency needed a product ad model and this is how she got her first modeling job.

Anchoring Debut

A person of that working standard cannot be hidden for long. After proving herself a successful role model, she soon received a call from a private TV station promoting participation in their upcoming theater show.

Zubab Rana takes new route with dark thriller Bandish

She started acting with Naseebon Gali playing the role of Tipu Sharif and Ali Ansari in the lead role in 2017.

How Zubab Rana Became an Actor

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Simulation or modeling was not on the starlet cards. However, when she got her first modeling job she studied in Lahore she went to Karachi to pursue that opportunity. While participating in Naseebon Jali, she was so upset by the reaction of the audience that he decided to deal with it directly.

Imitation doesn’t just look good with the delivery of the conversation to Rana. When young people choose whatever comes up, Rana is not like that. She is very focused on her work and always brings more than expected.

Although her work is in the early stages, she still does not look for happy or lucky go-lucky characters who often serve the audience. She carefully chooses his projects. She loves characters who analyze important social issues. Influential and easily forgotten characters.

All-Time Favorite character

Zubab has never been afraid to try to imitate different characters, from playing the main character to the outside and out of the negative role, she has done it all.

Mere Khudaya Episode 4 - 14th July 2018 - ARY Digital Drama - YouTube

For Rana, the actor who left her footsteps is Aleena of Mere Khudaya. The play was based on a true story and the star shocked the critics and the audience as well as its art.

Given the opportunity to choose another career, Zubab will not choose any. She told the fans in her speech that She loved acting and modeling and if she didn’t get to do this, she would love to travel and spend time with friends and family.

What About The Haters?

Rana ignores the trolls. Even if someone leaves a hateful comment the Mehboob actor Aapke Kadmon Main doesn’t care much about online judgment.

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She has stopped sharing her life on Social Media. She only shares items related to his work.

Zubab Rana plans to settle for the next ten years. She plans to see herself happy in a marriage with a perfect home and family, 10 years down.


Zubab loves challenging roles to convey an important social message. His role will be Umrao Jaan.

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Zubab’s best friend in the industry is Hira Mani. In many discussions, both have spoken to each other as sisters. Rana considers Hira Mani to be her soul sister.

Personal Style

Rana is often seen donating high quality and fashionable clothing. Many young girls find inspiration in the style of a young and witty character. Zubab describes his style as fashionable, high-quality and comfortable. You think Sonia Hussain and Syra Yousaf have a great style.

Working In Films

Her fans are eagerly awaiting her debut in the films as they think he has the right amount of brightness to shine. Unfortunately, Zubab doesn’t have any apps in Films yet. But who knows, what the future holds, we can see her in the film soon enough as she finds her hand in the right text.


The Fittrat actor has never collected any awards yet but that day is not too far away where she will be holding one. However she was nominated for her role in Mere Khudaya in the category of Best Emerging Talent at the Lux Style Awards.

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Rana has received great appreciation for her role as Aleena in Mere Khudaya. It was even harder for Zubab to play Aleena as the character had so many colors.

In a farewell letter, we wish Zubab Rana every success in his future endeavors. We hope he will continue to enlighten us with her amazing games and in the future.


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