Streamer ‘Shroud’ Discusses Twitch Fate As Big Gamers Shift To YouTube Gaming

The last week has, to say the least, been chaotic for Amazon-owned Twitch. The world’s #1 game streaming platform had to give up some of it’s biggest streamers as they shifted to YouTube Gaming.

However, Twitch streamer Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek feels that the exodus of big streamers such as Dr Lupo and TimTheTatman will not affect Twitch a lot. Shroud is confident that Twitch will continue to maintain its lead over rival, YouTube.

Why does Shroud think this way? Let’s dig deeper.

The Background

Recently, two well-known Twitch streamers announced their exit from the platform – Ben ‘Dr Lupo’ and Timothy ‘TimTheTatman’. The two have signed exclusive deals to stream on YouTube.

And guess what? This is not where it all ends. Other streamers are expected to follow suit in a move from Twitch to YouTube Gaming. Streamer Asmongold has also given his views about the Twitch exodus. Find out if Asmongold himself will quit Twitch or not here.

Shroud Explains Why Twitch Won’t Die

Shroud, however, believes that Twitch is a giant platform and it will bot be affected by small shakeups like these.

“Do [I] think Twitch is going to die if big streamers go to move onto YouTube? No. There’s always going to be someone else to take the spot of the views,” he explained.

“When there’s a transition and somebody moves to another platform, some follow, and some stay. [But] I don’t think there’s such thing as killing Twitch,” said Shroud.

Shroud goes one step ahead and says if few of the biggest content creators move away from YouTube, it doesn’t mean it will ‘kill YouTube’. The same logic applies for Twitch.

What will happen remains to be seen as two of the biggest game streaming platforms, Twitch and YouTube Gaming, battle their way to the top. Tell us your thoughts in the comments!


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