Will Asmongold Quit Twitch To Move To YouTube Gaming?

Just recently, one of Twitch’s biggest competitors, YouTube Gaming, succeeded in poaching some of the best talents of Twitch. Ben ‘Dr Lupo’ and Timothy ‘TimTheTatman’ are two of them.

Both of these streamers signed exclusive streaming deals with YouTube Gaming, thereby, quitting their Twitch careers. How does this impact Twitch? Asmongold gives his opinion!

Asmongold Calls It A ‘Real Shakeup’

Asmongold feels that the move to YouTube Gaming by some of the biggest Twitch streamers will be a ‘real shakeup’ for the industry.

He took to Twitter to express what he feels about YouTube’s streaming platform poaching Twitch streamers in exclusive deals. Asmongold wrote “With the newest wave of big creators like Tim and Lupo moving to YouTube I think we could start to see a real shakeup in streaming overall.”

Appreciating YouTube

He also did not move back from appreciating YouTube and their quest to become the dominating power in the streaming business. He said:

“Now, we’re beginning to see entire viewership ecosystems moving rather than individual streamers. YouTube is making the right decisions.”

Will Asmongold Move To YouTube Gaming?

Asmongold appreciating YouTube gaming did not sit quite well with fans. When he was asked whether he would consider a switch to YouTube gaming, Asmongold’s answer was rather subtle.

He answered “if I thought my streams would get more viewers there I’d stream on YouTube.”

Asmongold also added “I don’t really care about the money, but a contract with a 20 million signing bonus would help too,”

So you never know what Asmongold has got in plans next. If YouTube Gaming succeeds in getting Asmongold to their platform as well, many other big streamers might follow suit. And with the tone of Asmongold, it doesn’t seem like he would reject an appealing offer from Google-owned YouTube.

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