Streamer Mizkif Discloses Twitch Comeback Date Following His Breakup

Mizkif and Maya Higa announced that they are breaking up in mid-September and fans were evidently shocked at their decision.

On top of that, the streamers revealed that they will be taking a break from streaming to focus on their lives and mental health before they return to Twitch.

Mizkif and Maya Higa were one of the most popular couple streamers on the planet. They kept their relationship lowkey for the most part but spilled the beans during a 2019 unboxing stream.

Mizkif replied to a YouTube video of Maya building her PC and this was the beginning of their now-over romance.

On September 27, the Twitch streamer gave an update to his fans regarding the ‘earliest’ date of his Twitch comeback.

When Does Mizkif Hope To Return?

In the video, he said “I’ve been dealing with my parents the last few days. And they have been trying to support me. I did gain some muscle mass and that’s cool. I’ve been working out every single day. That’s all I’ve really been doing.”

“Maya is moving out. To make it clear to everybody, yes, she is moving out. I know a lot of people are speculating for some reason and saying Maya is going to stay in my home. That’s just not happening. She’s moving out in the next few days.”

“I really have no idea when I’m going to be live, but it will not be until at least October 1st.”

‘Weird And Long Process’

“It’s a very weird and long process of things that I’m paying for. And it’s a long thing. It’s a lot of stuff. It’s a lot of animals to move. Luckily I have money, thanks to you, so I’m able to pay for it. It’s weird, it’s kind of sad,” he said.

“I really just want to make sure I’m there for her and helping her. We’re both going to figure it out. And I think you guys understand and can respect that.”


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