Mizkfif Addresses Twitch Comeback Following Breakup With Girlfriend Maya

The famous Twitch streamer couple Matthew Mizkif and Maya Higa announced their breakup few weeks ago and since then, there had been no updates from either of the two.

However, Mizkif has now released an update video where he is seen talking about his and Maya’s health and when both of them would possibly return to streaming on Twitch.

‘We Will Get Through It’

As it goes without saying that fans are upset by Mizkif and Maya breaking up, they however supported the two in their decision and sent a lot of supportive messages and comments once the breakup was made official.

Mizkif said that he had expected a lot of hate but was surprised with the support that came their way.

In the short update video that Mizkif posted, he said that “Maya and I are not the happiest right now but we’ll get through it.”

There is no scope of them returning unless both of them are happy and have absolutely processed the last few weeks well.

Mizkif And Maya’s Relationship

Mizkif further said that “It’s going to be a scary thing for me and Maya to continue moving forward because she was my rock with Twitch.”

They kept their relationship low-key but spilled the beans in 2019 during an unboxing stream on Twitch. 

Mizkif and Maya started talking when Mizkif replied to a YouTube video of Maya building her PC.

The two have over 2 million followers combined, with Mizkif boasting 1.6 Million alone.

Twitch Comeback Date

In the video, Mizkif reiterated that the breakup decision was a ‘mutual one’ and tjere was no cheating or drama involved in his and Maya’s relationship.

With all that Matthew Mizkif said, it is certain that he is not coming back on Twitch anytime soon. The streamer has promised to make a more detailed video answering questions of the fans on his YouTube channel in the coming days. So let us stay tuned for that!


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