Sharan Patil alias Okshravan to help businesses go digital during the COVID-19 pandemic. News

Sharan Patil alias Okshravan to help businesses go digital during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Time icon April 29, 2020

Taking it one step at a time, Sharan Patil, also known as – Shravan Patil – went from average guy to digital marketing guru. Okshravan is the founder of ‘TagDog Media’ and is a Digital Scholar. He started his digital marketing career with writing blogs and was just 17 years old when he stepped into the world of Digital Marketing and learnt the art of understanding people and their needs in the most effective way. His agency ‘TagDog Media’ is also recognized as “The Best Social Media Agency” by many known celebrities from B-town.
Talking about Okshravan’s curiosity to make digital market a better place for businesses effected during this Covid-19 pandemic, he responded, “During this unprecedented time of uncertainty businesses should mortar more into a digital market”. The reason Okshravan thinks that going digital at this time can yield many benefits to the business is that the internet connectivity has enabled to continue business operations, despite not being able to open physically.
Shravan also said, “As regular activities have come to a standstill many businesses have suffered huge losses and despite the reduced incomes and lower sales, the basic expenses like salaries, loans, rents are to be taken care of. In such a scenario business need to look for ways that can keep them going. With the increasing use of mobile phones and computers, the integration of business in digital platform is a good idea, as the saying goes ‘Necessity is the Mother of Invention’.”
Unlike many others, Okshravan believes that helping everyone during this time of outbreak is the most important action individuals can take, hence, to help businesses with coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, Okshravan have put together a list of key digital marketing tips, which could help businesses to stay afloat.
Following are few tips that you should imply right away:

  1. Show your audience that you are open for business.
  2. Create entertaining social media content.
  3. Show that you understand what people are going through.
  4. Take any opportunities to help your audience in the crisis.
  5. Keep connected with your customers on Social Media.
  6. Think creative to launch new offers that fits the current situation.
  7. Finding alternatives to Live Events and Host live sessions with influencers.
  8. Be engaged with readers’ responses to postings.
  9. Improve your website’s SEO.
  10. Re-Evaluating Marketing Campaigns.
  11. Launch Cause Based campaigns.
  12. Redesign your website and your brand logos.
  13. Increase Influencer Marketing activities.
  14. Focus more on Content marketing.
  15. Start Connecting with Email Marketing.
  16. Share how you are coping, by sharing Behind the Scenes.
  17. Share Recipes, Tutorials, and Live Cooking Shows.
  18. Reach out to influencers and ask them to give beauty tips, dance lessons, health tips, better diet plans, etc.
  19. Share free education courses.
  20. Start Planning Your ROI
    In the long run, marketing guru Sharan Patil did not just achieve his dreams but also brought a change in the digital community that helps many others to achieve their dreams as, marketing during a pandemic is virtually a whole new experience for all marketers and business owners. Therefore, it is important to make the most out of any tips we can possibly utilize while coming out this outbreak.
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