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Huawei’s new foldable phone may launch in this year, with new special features

Huawei is preparing to launch its new foldable phone. The company show a patern for this phone last year. The phone will have four rear cameras. The most special thing about this phone will be that it will also have a zoom lens feature.

China’s giant tech company Huawei was among the few companies in the world that launched the first foldable smartphones. Huawei has so far launched its two foldable smartphones Mate X and Mate Xs and is now in preparation for a new one. It is reported that the foldable phone that the company will launch this time will come with a zoom lens.

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Becomes tablet when unfolded

Looking at the photo, it can be said that the upcoming Mate device becomes unfolded and becomes the size of a large tablet. This device turns inward like the Galaxy fold. However, the front camera is not visible in it because most of its front panel has a display.

Talking about the back panel, it is quite different from Huawei’s previous generation Mate series and Galaxy Fold. The patented new Mate foldable smartphone has a quad rear camera setup similar to the Mate Xs. However, you will also get a zoom lens in it. The camera sensor is present next to the small secondary display.

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