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Season 7 of The Flash introduces an interstellar relief force

The Cosmic Emergency Management Agency (CEMA) was founded in the Arrowverse in the most recent episode of The Flash. CEMA is one of DC Comics’ most obscure organisations, appearing in only one issue of the Green Lantern comic in 2003. However, because of its particular specialty, it is an excellent entry point into the Arrowverse at this moment.

Cisco Ramon informed the members of Team Flash that he was leaving STAR Labs to head ARGUS’ Science and Technology department in The Flash episode “Good-Bye Vibrations,” and CEMA was referenced. Both Lyla Michaels and John Diggle had apparently recommended Cisco as an excellent candidate for the job.

The post was now open since the previous director, Chip Cooper, had been reassigned to a job at CEMA, according to Cisco. Cisco then joked that he was the team’s biggest nerd because no one else had heard of CEMA until he suggested it.

Green Lantern and CEMA

CEMA could simply be modified to fulfil numerous purposes in the Arrowverse, given how little has been written about them in the comics. Legends of Tomorrow’s season 6 plot has focussed on different cosmic threats born of alien magic, therefore the group could appear there.

While it may seem redundant to bring in another law enforcement agency after the similarly bureaucratic Federal Time Bureau was eliminated following Legends of Tomorrow season 4, the Legends have always been at their best when they have a rival to work against, and CEMA could be the ideal foil for them.

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