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Season 8 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is now complete

The eighth season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine has finished filming. Brooklyn Nine-Nine, one of the most popular sitcoms of the decade, is the brainchild of Park and Recreation’s Dan Goor and The Good Place’s Michael Schur. The series, which follows a group of detectives from the New York Police Department’s 99th Precinct in Brooklyn through their comedic routine struggles and misfortunes, premiered on Fox in 2013 to instant success.

The show grew in popularity over time, to the point where when Fox cancelled it after five seasons, a furious campaign for renewal developed, compelling NBC to step in and save the series.

EP Dan Goor revealed in an emotional tweet on Friday that Brooklyn Nine-final Nine’s season 8 had wrapped filming. The showrunner expressed his gratitude to the cast and crew, thanking them for their tireless work and recognising their impact on his life. Goor’s tweet was quickly responded to by Brooklyn Nine-official Nine’s social Twitter account, which declared the show’s team to be the “BEST. SQUAD. EVER.” Take a look at Goor’s tweet, which is included below.

For the time being, it’s clear how Brooklyn Nine-Nine will wrap up the story of its beloved cops. The showrunners have already stated that they are taking the BLM movement and anti-police brutality protests seriously. In fact, in the context of the era-defining campaigns, some screenplays have been deleted or modified.

Melissa Fumero remarked that the Brooklyn Nine-Nine team was working hard to give fans the finale they deserved when the show was halfway through filming season 8. While she didn’t say much about the outcome, she did say that she wasn’t taking anything for granted and that she was trying to stay focused on the present.

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