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Season 3 Of Spanish Crime Thriller Series ‘Hache’ Cancelled On Netflix

Hache fans are in for some bad news! As per reports from leading industry tabloids, the crime-thriller series will not return for another season.

Hache has so far released two seasons on Netflix and it seems like now is the time for the series to bid goodbye to Netflix.

The Big Question

Even though Hache has been a highly rated series on Netflix, it has been cancelled for any new season.

But the question remains… why did this happen? Does Netflix and Hache crew land in hot waters against each other? Or is there any other issue?

Why Will There Be No Season 3?

To begin with, Hache’s season 1 arrived on Netflix in late 2019 and season 2 was released immediately in early 2021. Both the seasons fetched good reviews and were loved by the audience.

It was in July 2020 when season II was approaching it’s end but the lead writer for Hache left for another series. With one pillar gone, Hache’s team was still confident in rowing the boat. But now came the big shocker!

After main writer Carlos Lopez Garcia left for another show, Verónica Fernández who bought the series to Netflix from Weekend Studios started working with Netflix full time.

Dull Top 10 Rankings

Adding to this was Hache’s poor rankings. Even though reviews of the series were good, it failed to convert into Top 10 rankings. The longest time Hache remained in a top 10 Netflix series list was for 13 days (in Spain) which is not enough to guarantee a new season.

Netflix has officially confirmed that Hache shall not be seen on the platform for season 3 and it has left many fans disappointed. (Source: What’s On Netflix)

What are your thoughts about this? Did you want another season of the crime-thriller? Tell us in the comments!


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