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Roman Atwood Confirms He Will Attend Jake Paul’s Fight Against Tyron Woodley

The whole YouTube and Celebrity boxing craze is getting real. With the most recent influencer boxing event completed in Dubai, the upcoming event is in America which will see YouTube personality Jake Paul fight former UFC champion Tyron Woodley.

Jake Paul has had a good run in his professional boxing career so far.

When Is The Fight?

With a 2-0 victory record, he looks to maintain his win streak when he will face Woodley at Rocket Mortgage Field-house on 29th of August.

With both the stars busy training ahead of the fight, a new development has come in.

What Did Roman Atwood Say?

One of the most loved YouTuber of this generation Roman Atwood took to Twitter to confirm his presence at the game on August 29.

Atwood commented under one of Jake Paul’s tweet saying “Cya there buddy! Congrats 🎉”. This statement was a delight for the fans!

Jake Paul talked about August 29th being the ‘event of the year’ as he roped in two massive fights for the card to which Roman congratulated him and confirmed his presence.

Jake Paul has retweeted Roman’s comment with a quote “let’s goooo😈👊🏼Ohio royalty will be in the house”

Fan Reactions

Fans rejoiced seeing the two influencers share a moment and support each other. Recently, netizens flooded one of KSI’s tweet with comments about Jake Paul which has fueled the anticipations that the two will lock horns in the ring sometime later in early 2022.

After Jake Paul’s August bout, what happens next in his boxing career remains to be seen. Tell us in the comment how excited are you for this fight on a scale of 1-10.

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