Ryan Reynolds Confirms Disney Wants A Sequel To “Free Guy” News

Ryan Reynolds Confirms Disney Wants A Sequel To “Free Guy”

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Time icon August 15, 2021

Disney has officially expressed interest in making a sequel to Free Guy, according to Ryan Reynolds. Following the success of Deadpool, Reynolds reunited with 20th Century Fox to work on an original video game film with Shawn Levy. Free Guy, which stars Reynolds as a non-playable figure named Guy who matures into a free-willed participant in Free City, managed to escape Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century.

After COVID-19 led Disney and 20th Century Fox to postpone the film several times, the wait for Free Guy was longer than planned. Reynolds’ latest action/comedy video game film, on the other hand, was well worth the wait.

After earning great reviews, Free Guy has been declared fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. It’s also likely to beat forecasts at the box office in its opening weekend, as audiences throughout the country flock to see it. As a result of the popularity of Free Guy, Disney appears to be considering continuing the story.

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Sequel of “Free Guy”

Ryan Reynolds posted to Twitter just a few days after the release of Free Guy to say that Disney confirmed to him today that they want to produce a sequel. Reynolds adds in his tweet how he and the film’s staff pitched the film as an original IP film, which is becoming increasingly rare in Hollywood.

The star of The Free Guy also points out the irony of the film’s sequel. There are currently no official information about Free Guy 2, but they may be released shortly.

It may take some time for all of the information regarding Free Guy 2 to appear, but that won’t stop fans of the first film from wondering where Guy’s tale might go next.

The major plot of Free Guy is tied up by the time the credits roll, but it doesn’t completely close the door on this world. In many respects, the ending of Free Guy sets up Free Guy 2 to be an altogether different style of picture, which might allow Reynolds and team to continue Guy’s journey in an unexpected and creative way.

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