Riverdale's Cole Sprouse Cosplays As Attack On Titan's Eren Jaeger

Riverdale’s Cole Sprouse Cosplays As Attack On Titan’s Eren Jaeger

Since its first publication, the manga turned anime series Attack on Titan has increased in popularity rapidly; especially now that the anime series’ final season is approaching. The popularity of Attack on Titan was recently demonstrated when Riverdale star Cole Sprouse cosplayed as Eren Jaeger; one of the series’ key characters. Cole Sprouse, in particular, dresses up as Eren in his post-Titan guise.

Hajime Isayama authored the Attack on Titan manga; which was subsequently translated into the hugely famous anime series of the same name. Eren Jaeger is a character in the series whose father experimented on him and gave him the ability to morph into a Titan. After one of the huge animals ate Eren’s mother; he develops a loathing for them before he realises he has superhuman abilities.

Eren became a soldier and learned how to kill Titans, and it was during one of his missions that he realised he was a Titan. The character is left with crimson lines under his eyes whenever he emerges from his Titan form; where his face was attached to the massive Titan body. Cole Sprouse’s excellent costume of the character captures the post-Titan appearance beautifully.

Not only did the actor nail the make-up, but he also nailed the hairdo. Eren has grown his hair out and pins it back virtually identically to Cole Sprouse’s cosplay in the later, more current stories. While the actor nailed his Eren Jaeger appearance, even including his well-known battle cry “tatakae” (a Japanese term meaning ‘fight’) into his post; the Riverdale star wanted to play a completely other Attack on Titan character.

Cole Wanted To Be Levi Ackerman Initially

“Wanted to be Levi but I’m not 5’2″ #tatakae,” Cole Sprouse commented in an Instagram post showcasing his cosplay. The actor was referring to Levi Ackerman, a prominent character in the series who is the Survey Corp’s Special Operations Squad Captain beyond the wall. While Levi does not have Eren’s ability to transform into a Titan; it is evident why Cole Sprouse decided to play him; because he is unquestionably one of the greatest characters in the series; thanks to his ‘play by his own rules’ demeanour and incredible Titan-killing powers.

Cole Sprouse had to settle with Eren Jaeger, his second choice; but he didn’t let his displeasure show in his cosplaying skills. The actor is best known for his role as Jughead Jones on the CW’s Riverdale; and he recently participated in the romantic comedy Five Feet Apart. Sprouse could very well be hinting that if a new live-action Attack on Titan film were to be made, he’d be ready to play Eren Jaeger.

While there’s no sign of that occurring anytime soon, Riverdale’s Cole Sprouse cosplayed as Eren Jaeger and managed to pull off the Attack on Titan character’s look.

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