The Bachelor: Madison Prewett Reveals What Fans Get Wrong About Her

The Bachelor: Madison Prewett Reveals What Fans Get Wrong About Her

Madison Prewett, a former Bachelor contestant, has spoken up about the biggest misperception people have about her.

She battled for Peter Weber’s heart on season 24 of The Bachelor, however, she was eliminated before Peter made his final pick. After breaking up with Hannah Ann Sluss, the winner of his season; Peter reconnected with Madison after she left the programme. After their reconciliation on After the Final Rose, however, they broke up soon after.

Madison mentioned that she and Peter are on good terms and that she has no ill feelings against him. She has published Made For This Moment: Standing Firm With Strength; a self-help book that will include details about her relationship with Peter. She admitted that she didn’t tell her ex about the book ahead of time.

Madison is a devout Christian, and her book will include stories of faith, such as the biblical story of Esther and how it may help people prepare for significant life events. Overall, she’s grateful that her time on The Bachelor gave her the opportunity to share her faith and connect with others who share her ideas.

The Bachelor alum remarked that her extroverted demeanour is the most common misconception about her. “People always tell me they thought I would be shy and more quiet and, ‘You’re just, like, a sweet little girl from Alabama’,” Madison told Us Weekly. “I am loud, I’m outgoing, I’m passionate, I’m competitive”. She went on to explain that while people on The Bachelor didn’t get to see that part of her, she’s “grateful” that they “got to really see my heart and really got to see what I’m about.”

Madison, on the other hand, was able to express herself through the clothes she wore on the show. “I wore sneakers the very first night; and I’m very glad that I made that move because it was a long night. I’m glad that I chose the sneaker route,” she stated. Madison went on to add that the other ladies were “jealous” and wished they thought of wearing more comfortable shoes to the rose ceremonies.

Overall, she’s glad she was able to be herself during the programme. “When the competitive moments came out, they came out. When my very bold moments and courageous moments and me vocalizing things came out, they came out. In the moments where I bit my tongue and I held back, I was just fully myself,” Madison said. “So I don’t have any regrets.”

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