Real Housewives Star Leilani Dowding Spotted Shopping At Tesco Without A Mask

The Real Housewives of Cheshire fame Leilani Dowding was spotted at a Tesco retail outlet in Staffordshire by the fans. The actress was seen without a face mask at a time when COVID protocols are a priority all across Europe.

The Incident

This week, Leilani Dowding went shopping at one of the Tesco stores and was snapped ‘NOT’ wearing a face mask. It comes at a time when the novel COVID strain initially found in the UK is wreaking a rampage across the country.


Little did the Page 3 girl know that she would be held accountable for not wearing a face mask which is a requirement inside the Tesco outlet at Staffordshire, just like pretty much anywhere and everywhere in the world.

One of the pictures shared by another visitor in store shows a Tesco’s security official looking at Leilani with a grave serious look while Dowding continues her shopping.

She’s seen casually strolling with her trolley in the departmental store completely care-free and unaware about what could be the repercussions of her casual irresponsibility.

The actress spotted flouting COVID norms

Leilani is seen in a casual t-shirt and pant with a jacket wearing a light-olive green cap to suit the outfit. In times like this, it is the responsibility of each and every person to do what they can on an individual level to fight COVID. It includes following proper hygiene, a face mask regime, and social distancing. Well, it seems that the star from Real Housewives of Cheshire is yet to learn this lesson.

Leilani Dowding snapped at the check-out flouting COVID protocol while the Tesco employee attends to her wearing a facemask.

COVID Scenario In The UK

England has crossed 2.8 million cases while the United Kingdom has seen the cases surge to over 3.2 million. So far, 86,000 people have died due to coronavirus which started in December 2019.

The United Kingdom approved Pfizer vaccine in early December becoming the first country in the world to do so. The vaccination efforts are underway along with strict coronavirus rules and regulations.

The first seven large-scale NHS Vaccination Centres opened this week as the COVID19 vaccination programme expanded. Dozens more centres like this will follow so that large numbers of people can get vaccinated quickly.

Christmas was spent under lockdown and limited physical and in-person meeting protocols in place to avoid further transmission. This underlines the grave seriousness of the COVID scenario in the UK.

It is the moral duty of all the people to do what they can on an individual level to fight the virus. It includes following proper hygiene, face mask regime and social distancing.

More About Leilani Dowding

Leilani Dowding is an English former Page 3 girl, glamour model, television celebrity, and the UK representative at Miss Universe 1998.

Real Housewives' Leilani Dowding opens up on not having children - and Dawn Ward's 'face fixed' comments - Manchester Evening News

Leilani became the first woman of Asian origin to represent the UK at the Miss Universe pageant.

Following the success of her pageant history, Leilani dropped out of university to fully focus on her modelling career – and made her big Page 3 debut in The Sun in 1999.

The stunner was ranked number 89 on the FHM Sexiest Women in the World list.

As well as her modelling career, the star has appeared on a host of reality shows including Faking It, Celebrity Fear Factor and Celebrity Wrestling.

She also owns her own clothing line called the Leiluna Collection.


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