Bigg Boss 14: Rakhi Sawant wants to write Abhinav’s name with a knife

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 14, Rakhi Sawant asked Abhinav to write the name of Abhinav with a knife on his hand. After this, Bigg Boss invited him to the confession room and convinced him not to do such activity. But Rakhi wept and said that she loves Abhinav.

The latest episode of reality show Bigg Boss 14 was quite entertaining. The episode begins with Rakhi Sawant and Ali Goni arguing. Ali asked Rakhi to talk only about her invisible husband and all these are fake. Rakhi, in response to this, told Ali that along with Jasmine, she got a fake love angle so that she could get the limelight.

Ali Goni tells Rakhi that he was not fake and the whole world knows that Jasmine Bhasin belongs to him and he belongs to Jasmine. He taunted Rakhi that despite having a husband outside the house, she is running an affair at home. Rakhi tells them that this is not your case. However, she is unable to give any answer to Ali regarding her husband Ritesh.

Appeal to write Abhinav’s name with a knife on his hand

Arshi comes in between the two and says that the day before, Rakhi told her that she thinks Aijaz Khan is hot. However Rakhi said that she loves Abhinav Shukla and her feeling is genuine. Rakhi said that love is unconditional. Soon after, Rakhi sits alone and tells Bigg Boss that she can take one and wants to write Abhinav Shukla’s name on her hands to prove her love.

Love for Abhinav shown in front of Bigg Boss

The family members also believe that Rakhi is not talking anything fake and she really loves Abhinav Shukla. Bigg Boss immediately calls Rakhi in the confession room and convinces her not to do such an act (writing the name on the hand with a knife). After this, Rakhi expresses her love with Abhinav in the confession room and starts crying. She tells Bigg Boss that she wants to stay in the house right before Abhinav’s eyes.


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