Rapid Fire With Valerie Grand

Valerie Grand is a fashion model and lifestyle blogger. She hails from Switzerland and joined us exclusively to play a spicy Rapid Fire round.

Valerie appeared as the first guest on the new exclusive segment of Clout News called ‘Influencers Got Clout’. She walked the audience through her early childhood, her entry into fashion and blogging as well as shared important learnings from her journey.

Valerie was an enthusiastic child in school and says she was always busy ‘taking pictures of myself and loved doing makeup’. The rapid fire round saw Valerie answer many unknown things about her life as an influencer, her work-ethic and her favorite travel destinations.

The first ever e-mail ID of Valerie is still active to date and she gave it away during the rapid fire segment. The camera she uses for her flawless Instagram pictures, Valerie’s favorite TV show and her guilty pleasure, she has shared it all. Check out the interesting rapid fire segment below.

Watch The Full Rapid Fire Video:


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