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Taylor Swift’s Fans Attempt To Decode Her Cryptic Interview With Stephen Colbert

Fans naturally thought it’s their cue to debunk Taylor Swift’s new interview with Stephen Colbert. The singer dropped mysterious numbers, New York references, song names, and more Easter eggs during her interview.

Swifties are convinced that Taylor dropped Easter eggs left and right during her interview with Stephen. The interview aired on April 13 and fans think so for certain reasons. Taylor was talking cryptic numbers, tongue-in-cheek references to throwback songs. This made fans think that she is not just being quirky but dropping Easter eggs for her fans.

The episode of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert actually seemed like a well-planned skit rather than an interview. Fans think all of these factors are their calling to search for the clues which add up to one conclusion. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves in the beginning and take a look at what these Easter eggs might have been.

The interview begins with Stephen asking Taylor if ‘Hey Stephen’ was a song about him. It was an apt question seeing that the singer is re-recording the songs. The Love Story singer dropped what seemed to be her first clue when she responded by saying no. She said, “No, Stephen…I mean I first recorded that song in 2008. I think I was like 18…I mean, you were probably about 44 years, 179 days old, give and or take several hours.”

The host pointed out that the information was quite specific to which the singer said in a deadpan voice that she is a big fan. Taylor further revealed that she sent a signed CD to Stephen’s office. Not just that she revealed the details of the office claiming it to be, “513 West 54th Street, New York, New York, 10019 2nd Floor Office, Facing the street.”

Debunking All The Easter Eggs From Taylor’s Interview

The next clue seemed to have appeared on her Stephen-inspired mood board which she joked she made for “three days”. This she claimed was to get her back “in the same headspace” while she was writing ‘Hey Stephen’ in 2008. Further on she stressed about the mood board not just being plastered with various photos of the host.

She pointed out the giant pizza in the corner and fans have a lot of things to say about the pizza. The singer further made references to 1989 her album from 2014. She said, “‘Hey Stephen’ is not about you, any more than my album 1989 is about that year you spent waiting tables on the lunch shift at Scoozi, an Italian restaurant in the river north area of Chicago, that by the way serves a really incredible slice of pizza.”

Taylor mentioned the pizza yet again and a fan pointed out that “there are 5 pieces of pepperoni on the pizza and 1989 is her fifth album.” Another fan pointed out that the pizza appeared to be “New-York-style”, while another said that one of the singer’s 1989 songs is called, “Welcome To New York.”

The Folklore singer then assured that it is simply common knowledge for anybody who frequently checks Stephen’s Wikipedia page. She told him, “You Need To Calm Down.” This is a reference to 1989 and we know that. The singer then jokingly shared that Hey Stephen was about horror author, Stephen King. Taylor said, “The Dark Tower series changed my life, plus The ShiningThe Stand, and don’t even get me started on his short stories…absolutely luminescent.” A well-researched fan pointed out that the Dark Tower series is called Dark Visions which came out in 1989.

Swifties Decode The Easter Eggs

Taylor then said that if she had really written the song about Stephen (the Colbert one), it would’ve gone like, “Hey Stephen I love you on the TV, and all the stuff you did on The Daily Show and that time you were on Law & Order, your 5’11”, your middle name is Tyrone. Social security number is 33035.”

Fans pointed out that the social security number adds up to 14. However, there was one last clue. She said, “Take the feeling that you’re feeling and just ‘Shake It Off,’ right? But that song is about you.” Taylor was also wearing a cardigan for the interview. All of this has led to fans believe that her 1989 (Taylor’s version) is coming soon. A fan explained why they think that May 14th is the date her next re-recorded album would release. They said, “Not Normal People (swifties): Taylor is releasing 1989 in may bc there was a seagull on the poster and she said 33035179 which adds up to 31 which is 13 backwards, and 31 days from now is May 14.”

Let’s see if the swifties have debunked all the easter eggs right (which they usually do). Until then let’s stream her Fearless album (Taylor’s version) to our heart’s content.

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