Exclusive Interview With Valerie Grand

Valerie Grand is a lifestyle blogger, fashion model, fitness expert and social media influencer. She has been in the blogging space for over 5 years now and boasts a solid 230k+ followers base on Instagram. She was the first guest on our new segment named Influencers Got Clout.

During the course of the interview, Valerie Grand talks about her childhood and her dreams being a kid. “I was not the best kid in class but I was surely above average. I was always busy clicking selfies and pictures of myself and did a lot of makeup’, she revealed. She also said that she was more of a free-flow kid who went along where life took her.

Valerie Explains The Importance Of A Personal Brand

Valerie also shared her opinion about the difference between Fame and Clout. She thinks that having a mix of both in her personality would be ideal. She explained further saying ‘it’s not always that I go out and people want to be taking pictures with me but I’m slowly getting there’.

Being an Instagram influencer, there’s no better person than Valerie who could have explained the Influencers got Clout audience about the importance of building a personal brand on Instagram. She feels that it should be very unique and not artificial. Valerie said: ‘As the name suggests, it’s a personal brand. You should try to stay unique and post the things you like instead of copying others’.

How Does Valerie Deal With Hate?

Being in the public eye, it is very common among influencers to come across negative and hateful comments on their posts. When you have your whole life displayed on social media, jealousy and resentment is natural and Valerie seems to understand it. Valerie revealed her methodology of dealing with such resentful comments.

“I think it talks more about the character of the people who are commenting than ourselves”, Valerie says. She resorts to not replying to such comments. She also revealed that in her earlier days on Instagram, she did reply to a few hate comments.

Sharing a personal story, Valerie said “I knew these comments are useless when someone called me ‘too skinny’ in the comments and then later in the dm’s, someone had called me ‘too fat’. This is when Valerie stopped paying attention to such comments and advises others to do the same.

‘We Should Know Social Media Lifestyle Is Not The Reality’

Answering the question about the fake and extremely lavish lifestyles that many influencers portray online, Valerie clarifies that ‘You should know that it is not always the reality. We don’t look the way we do in our posts right after we wakeup. It is a lot of makeup and a lot of filters’.

Valerie Grand gave an honest answer and deep insight into the life of a social media and lifestyle blogger. She put on record her views that such lavish portrayal of lifestyle in the online world can have a negative impact on the viewers. It ignites feelings of self-loathe and self-doubt in the audience, according to Valerie.

Vegan Lifestyle

Veganism is the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products, particularly in diet, and an associated philosophy that rejects the commodity status of animals. Valerie Grand is a vegan. She revealed that it was not always the case but after the age of 18 she realized that being a vegan helped her boost her immunity, physical health and happiness levels.

She said “I find it irrational that you see a cow outside and the next time it’s in your plate. I think more and more people should turn vegan as it helps the planet and human kind”.

Valerie also credits her weight loss experience and body transformation to her shift to veganism. She had cut down over 20 kgs and has documented parts of her journey on social media.

Valerie Grand’s First Big Brand Deal

Rekindling memories about her first big brand deal, Valerie shares with me her dilemma about the fee she would charge as an influencer from the brand looking for partnership with her. She said she was unware about how much other bloggers charge for posting a picture about the brand’s product and she had a vague idea of the standard norm which said you can ask for $100 per every 10k followers.

Valerie was beyond thrilled, excited, and nervous at the same time when she landed her first-ever big brand deal. She further reveals that many small influencers with fewer followers indulge in the practice of buying the products from a brand, posting pictures of it in order to show the audience that they have partnered up with a brand but in reality, it’s not the case. The smaller bloggers also do it to get noticed by the brand in order to potentially land actual deals in the future.

‘I have learnt by doing’, comments Valerie. Over the years, she has become much more shrewd, skilled and sharp in negotiating and fixing the charge for her brand deals.

Life Mantra Of Valerie Grand

Be Kind To Every Kind is the life mantra of Swiss Fashion model Valerie Grand. She says that her life’s motto/mantra does change regularly depending on new content she reads or new life experiences.

Given the current circumstances around the globe, Valerie shared her ‘Be Kind To Every Kind’ mantra with the Influencers got Clout audience.

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