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Public Excitement Says that ‘AAP’ will win Mustafabad too: Tahir Husain

Aam Admi Party is organizing Public Meetings in every nook and corner of  Delhi through it’s program called  ‘ Jan Samvad’ . In line with it’s same program it is going to conduct public meetings in different areas Mustafabad assembly constituency as well.

Public meetings were organized in Munga Nagar and New Mustafabad areas of Mustafabad Constituency yesterday, under the guidance of Mr. Tahir Husain, in which feedback on Delhi Government’s functioning were invited from general public. Witnessing the attendance and support of huge crowd in the meeting Aam Aadmi Party’s Mr. Tahir Hussain said “Public Excitement says that AAP will win Mustafabad too”

These public meetings, in which feedback and suggestions are asked for better functioning of government, are receiving huge participation and support of general public.

‘Jansamvad’ programs are going to be organized in phases, and will continue for an entire month  in various electoral areas, wherein feedback and suggestions from common people  on the functioning of present state government will be invited.

 Taking into consideration the  coming state assembly election, The Aam Aadmi Party is organizing these programs in various constituencies of Delhi under the leadership of it’s MLAs and Municipal Councilor.

Mustafabad Constituency is one of the three constituency where BJP had won last election. Here Aam Aadmi Party’s s candidate Md. Yunus was defeated by BJP’s candidate. In MCD elections as well Aam Aadmi Party saw the face of defeat in 3 out of 4 seats, Mr. Tahir Hussain was sole  winning candidate of Aam Admi Party.

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