Aakash Chandani’s realistic tattoos are a treat to watch

We all know that actors, Sport Stars, Rock Stars carry a special charisma around them. They are being loved and followed by millions. Their marketability is incomparable and their fandom can take any form. People collect their pictures valuables and many other things to show their affection and craze for their favorite icon. 

Now, showing tribute to the favorite star has gone to a new level with many people getting their favorite star’s pictures tattooed on themselves. That’s where Expert Realism tattoo artist Aakash Chandani’s name comes in.

Aakash Chandani is an acclaimed tattoo artist, with an expertise in realistic tattoos. His realistic tattoos have earned him wining trophies and praise in many international tattoo convention. When you look at his work there is hardly any difference between the original photographs and the one he has inked on his client’s body. They are just same as if they have been printed on body.

Ask him what makes him such successful realistic tattoo artist, he says that patience and perseverance, an eye for fine details and deep understanding of colors, so that when it is complete there is barely any difference from the photo on which they are based.”

When questioned what brought him to tattooing he says “I was always good in arts from very beginning, my initial life has been really struggling, while doing temporary tattoos people suggested to try my hands on permanent tattoos, as they thought my designs were really good and similar to permanent tattoos. that’s how it all started.”

And why realistic tattoos? He says “I have always been inspired by Steve Butcher and His Work, besides this realistic tattoos are challenging and difficult, that challenge appeals me. “

Ask him about the kind of time required to make such tattoos, he says “it may vary  from 8-10 hours to even 24 hours depending on size and difficulty level of the tattoo.”

After winning several awards back to back in many international convention, now he realizes that success and fame has opened it’s door for him. He says “ God has been really kind and my hard work and patience have started to pay back”

Aakash Chandani’s work has made him so popular that people not only from various parts of the country but from across the borders also travel to Bhopal to specially get inked from him. He says “ I definitely feel proud and blessed that people recognize me and they travel long ways to get tattooed, what else someone can ask for ?if you get immense love of people through your work.”