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Port Charles Fame Jay Pickett Passes Away Aged 60 On The Set Of His Upcoming Treasure Valley

Actor Jay Pickett has been announced dead! The star was aged 60 and passed away while on the shooting venue of his upcoming project in his hometown of Idaho.

Jay Pickett was best known for his extraordinary performances in the American General Hospital and Port Charles drama.

It is being said that Pickett suffered an abrupt heart attack while filming Treasure Valley – which he wrote and was also acting in.

“A True Cowboy”

Fellow actor and producer of Treasure Valley, Jim Heffel said he “died sitting on a horse ready to rope a steer”.

Writing on Facebook, he described Pickett as “a true cowboy”.

“Jay Pickett has decided to ride to Heaven,” he wrote. “I’ve lost a good friend and the world has lost a great person.”

‘He Was Doing What He Loved’

Pickett, who had starred in shows such as Desperate Housewives, Dexter and NCIS: Los Angeles, played a cowboy looking for his long-lost daughter in the movie, which he also produced.

His colleague and co-ordinator, Travis Mills, wrote: “There is no official explanation for the cause of his death but it appears to have been a heart attack.

“Everyone present tried their best to keep him alive,” Travis said. “We are deeply saddened and are grieving for the loss of his family.

“He was doing what he loved: Acting, riding horses, making movies. And he was magnificent.”

Pickett leaves his wife and three children in the world after his death.


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