Pokimane Turns Down Big Money Offers From Esports Organizations – WHY?

Twitch streamer Pokimane is one of the biggest female stars on the platform. But that does not mean gaming orgs will be successful in convincing her to join their teams.

The streamer revealed that there have been a lot of offers she has received to leave OfflineTV and to join other esports or gaming orgs.

However, the streamer has turned all these “big money” offers down!

What Are These Gaming Orgs?

When a streamer signs up with an esports org or any other gaming organization, he or she automatically is perceived to be a winner!

In recent days, 100 Thieves has been on a signing spree as they bring onboard major game streamers and influencers. They have signed Fuslie, Kydae, and TinaKitten in recent time.

When having a deal with major esports orgs is such a big deal, why is Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys not jumping on to the trend?

Pokimane Explains Why She Declined The Offers

She said: I’ve got a lot of offers from organizations, but I always felt like I don’t want to. Even throughout my whole come-up, I got offers. Look, I don’t know, I want to just be me. I don’t want to be under another company.”

“I don’t want anybody telling me what to do, how to live.”

“Do you think every creator has to be in an org? I actually think a lot of creators get lowballed by organizations. But I understand if they don’t value branding much.”

“I have been offered plenty of times. Years and years. Plenty of teams. But I’m on OfflineTV. You know, we created OfflineTV. I feel like if I joined a team, it would just kind of dilute my brand. And, I think it would dilute the OTV brand too.


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