Twitch Streamer Pokimane Gets Candid About Her Sexuality

Twitch streamer Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys is one of the most followed female streamers on the platform.

She recently took a hiatus from streaming on Twitch to focus on herself. She admitted to having been feeling ‘burnt out’ and wanted some time off with her family.

On September 8, however, the streamer made her come back after the hiatus. She is back entertaining her fans and viewers.

What Did She Say?

Pokimane, in one of her latest streams, answered a fan question about her ‘sexuality’. The fan asked the question to Pokimane hut also said “that’s fine” if she wasn’t willing to elaborate more on her sexuality.

Pokimane, being the sweetheart for her fans she is, felt obliged to answer.

“I have a maybe weird answer for this and I hope it’s not offensive to anyone,” she began.

“It’s like, yeah my whole life I’ve felt straight, but also I feel like sexuality is on a spectrum and who knows how people feel at one point of their lives and another,” the streamer began to explain.

‘Who Cares’

She also added that “who cares if I’m straight, bi, or lesbian. Like, it doesn’t matter, so I don’t ever care to talk about it.”

The streamer also said that does not usually ‘correct’ someone when it comes to her preferences, as “it shouldn’t make a difference in what they think of me as a person.”

Pokimane has gained a lot of attention and fostered an upbeat community. The streamer had vowed to continue being a force of positivity for her fans. Her fans will support her even if it would hurt them to see her take another mental health break.

Pokimane boasts over 8.2 million followers on Twitch with over 4k loyal subscribers. She was overtaken by housemate Valkyrae as the World’s most popular female Twitch streamer.


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