Streamer Imane ‘Pokimane’ Says She Is Open To Dating A Twitch Fan News

Streamer Imane ‘Pokimane’ Says She Is Open To Dating A Twitch Fan

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Time icon August 16, 2021

The most famous content creator-fan couple that comes to my mind when I talk about this topic is PewDiePie and his better half Marzia. While dating your own fans might not be commonplace, it definitely can work out.

Twitch streamer and Internet personality Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys has given thoughts on the same! She says that while a relationship between her and one of her Twitch fans could be possible, it “depends” on a lot of variables.

The Type of Fans She Wouldn’t Date

Pokimane gives an example saying that if a fan messages her that he wants to “suck the crust off of your toenails and digest it for the rest of my life,” it is not the kind of fan who she’d consider dating. Certainly, Pokiamane would look for something more mature and practical.

While fans of the streamer have been questioning her about her relationship status for a long time, Imane keeps it lowkey. However, she sent out a tweet saying ‘btw single’ in March. Fans and followers went bonkers making it the talk of the Twitch streaming community and bombarding her stream chats with the same.

‘Sometimes It Works Out’

Pokimane, talking about if its possible for content creator-fan dating also said “I don’t think it has as much to do with not dating your fans as it does with the person not knowing them. It comes down to the two people and the way that someone reaches out to you.”

“Honestly, sometimes it works out, and a lot of the time it doesn’t.”

“But if you happen to meet someone who knows who you are, likes what you do, and you get along, and they don’t only like you because of you’re clout, that’s a little bit different. It depends on the situation. And ultimately, it depends on the people.”

That’s the most she could care to explain! Do you think that Pokimane would ever get into a relationship with one of her fans? Tell us in the comments!

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