OnlyFans Creator And Streamer Amouranth Slams Haters For Calling Her A Bi**h

Kaitlyn Amouranth is undoubtedly one of the most popular creators on the internet. From streaming on Twitch, making videos on TikTok, and sitting on a massive fanbase on OnlyFans, Amouranth has it all. She has over 4 Million followers on Twitch making her one of the most elite female streamers on the platform.

The internet personality, however, receives a lot of hate from users because of her so-called ‘controversial’ content. And it was due time that Amouranth had enough of all the hate messages, abuses, and trolls that were hurled at her. This is why she decided to respond to them and oh boy, Amouranth’s reply is going to send many haters back to their caves.

‘They Have Never Called Me Broke’

Amouranth’s reply was aimed towards haters who call her abusive names like bi**h, s**t, wh**e, etc. She said that these haters would call her all sorts of derogatory names and abuses but they never dare to call her ‘broke’.

“In chat and off the platform I get called: w***e, s**t, s***k, s**g, ugly, fat, stupid, b***h, but you know what they’ve never called me? Broke!” the streamer replied back to all the haters.

Amouranth’s OnlyFans Income

Just recently, Kaitlyn Amouranth revealed that she makes over $1 Million a month just from her OnlyFans account. She gave a brief of how much she earns from all her social media handles combined. You can check that out here. So in case, Kaitlyn Amouranth decides not to stream on Twitch for an entire month, she would still pull off a $1 Million month!

Other streamers definitely have some learning to do from Amouranth’s response as she proves that creating content and doing what you love is more important than paying attention to online trolls. She had the last laugh when it comes to doing what you love and securing a massive bag.

Do you think Amouranth is actually not affected by the hate? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.


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