Shroud Explains How PUBG Made Him Leave Professional Counter Strike Gaming

Twitch streamer Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek has been a professional Counter-Strike gamer in the past. With his past CSGO gaming time long behind now, he finally explains which game made him leave professional Counter-Strike.

Shroud was a pro-CSGO player on popular rosters like Manajuma, compLexity, and Cloud9 but then came the Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds game – PUBG.

In one of his recent streams, Shroud was discussing PUBG and he opened up about how the gameplay was similar to Counter-Strike and made him focus more on his streaming career.

Shroud Talks About PUBG

“It was me being on break in Counter-Strike, [and] realizing that ‘holy f**k, I really just wanna stream,’ Shroud said.

Talking about why he loved PUBG as much as he did, Shroud tells “The fun I was having in PUBG was because it was similar to CS, as weird as [that] is. PUBG was very close to Counter-Strike.”

“[The games were similar] when it came to ADS [and] shooting mechanics,” he explained. “I enjoyed that a lot, there was a lot to learn like spray patterns and bullet leads, all that s**t.”

‘I’m Not Playing That Sh*t’

When the streamer stopped playing Counter-Strike, he had some bitter words for the game. He compared it to other titles and expressed that the CSGO gaming experience has been ‘run to the ground’ now.

“You thought Rainbow Six Siege was bad? Get a load of this game called CSGO. I’m not playing that sh*t. I’m not doing it. What did they do to this game, man? What have they done to our boy?”

Michael Shroud has also given his opinion about the exodus of big streamers away from Twitch to join YouTube Gaming. According to him, this move shall not affect the popularity of Twitch as World’s #1 streaming platform.

“Do [I] think Twitch is going to die if big streamers go to move onto YouTube? No. There’s always going to be someone else to take the spot of the views,” he explained.


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