Fans Show Disappointment With Aquaman 2 Because of Amber Heard Yet Again

Everyone is aware of the high profile case of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. But it seems this has affected Aquaman 2 immensely because of Amber Heard’s involvement.

The former had sued The Sun’s publisher, News Group Newspapers for defamation over an article from 2018. It labelled the actor as a “wife-beater”. The case went on for weeks as both parties provided evidence. Both Johnny and Amber testified at the High Court as Mr. Justice Nicol dismissed the actor’s claims.

He found NGN proving that the content in the article was “substantially true”. However, Johnny’s lawyers claim the ruling was “manifestly unsafe” and said they will ask the court to “set aside the judgement and order a new trial”. His barrister also argued the judge “uncritically accepted at the outset that Ms Heard must have been correct in her allegations’ and ‘discounted evidence to the contrary”.

Johnny denied all claims of abuse and provided proof that claimed Amber Heard was the one who abused him. She also denied all claims and they had their trial for three weeks. The actor’s lawyers had revealed that he would appeal against the judgment.

However, the actor’s fans and Twitter users were not happy with the verdict. Johnny’s fans have not backed down from getting justice for the actor. Millions of fans have signed a petition demanding the actor be brought back for the Fantastic Beasts franchise.

This comes after the actor was asked to resign after losing his libel claim against The Sun. The Pirates of the Caribbean alum was asked to step down from his role as Gellart Grindelwald in J.K. Rowling’s fantasy series. He had taken legal action against the publication for labelling him as a ‘wife-beater’ in one of the articles they posted referring to Amber Heard.

But this has also affected Aquaman 2 as fans are criticizing Warner Bros for still having Amber in the movie. Even the fans who said they will be watching the movie revealed it will only be for Jason Momoa. This comes after Jason’s Aquaman had a new suit in the first official look into the instalment. Still, many fans have shown their excitement for the new stealth suit as pictures of Jason in it circulates online.

On the other hand, the hashtag #JusticeforJohnnyDepp has also started making the rounds yet again after the release of the official look of Momoa’s Aquaman.


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