One Of Spain’s Biggest Streamer ‘MarkiLokurasY’ Banned From Twitch

Twitch streaming is one of the best ways to build a “loyal” fan following in your niche. With streamers spending time online entertaining their fans and community, they’re prone to bans for violating the platform’s terms and policies.

Something similar happened with a Spanish Streamer who goes by the name of “MarkiLokurasY” on Twitch. Marcos ‘MarkiLokurasY’ is one of the most followed streamers from Spain on the platform. His initial fame came from streaming Fortnite gameplays on Twitch.

Why The Ban?

Having a follower base of over 1.4 Million people, he is no ordinary streamer on the platform. But Twitch’s policies consider everyone to be equal and hence, MarkiLokurasY has been slapped with a ‘permanent’ ban from the platform. But why?

If you’re not aware, there is a three-ban policy after which the account gets suspended permanently. MarkiLokurasY has faced two bans in the past already so it was one mistake and the game would be over for him! And the day came when MarkiLokurasY did this ‘one’ last mistake.

His content was flagged for violating Sexual Content rules on Twitch. On August 13, MarkiLokurasY was streaming Fortnite like usual. That was until he was mysteriously hit with his third Twitch ban.

What Did MarkiLokurasY Say?

The Spanish streamer took to his Twitter handle and explained what has happened. He said “They have banned me permanently because in a live show a week ago a guy came out jumping rope naked, I thought it was an edit and I still think about it but that’s why. I swear to you that I have been streaming daily for 10 or more hours and I have done my best to prevent this from happening, I’m sorry.”

He also added “I’m going to take some time, okay? I’m sorry to all of you who came in every day to see me, it’s not in my hand“.

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