World Famous Fortnite Gamer Ninja Talks About Twitch Streaming Struggles News

World Famous Fortnite Gamer Ninja Talks About Twitch Streaming Struggles

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Time icon August 12, 2021

The most famous streamer on Twitch Tyler ‘Ninja’ Belvins has recently opened up about his struggles with Twitch streaming and the huge responsibility that comes along with fame on the Internet.

Ninja is world famous for his Halo 3 gameplay for esports teams and Fortnite Battle Royale streams on Twitch. With over 24 Million subscribers on YouTube and 17 Million Twitch followers, Ninja is on top of the streaming game.

‘Lot Of Pressure’

However, his Twitch career brings in a lot of ‘pressure’, Ninja reveals in a new interview with The Cosmic Wonder.

“It always feels like, ‘don’t mess up’. There’s always that hovering over your head. It’s so taxing. Even when you grow, and you know you have a loyal audience, you’re actually at a stage where you have to keep them happy.

“You’re supposed to work less,” the Twitch star continued, “but somehow there always just ends up being more! It’s like, even if you’re not streaming as much you’re doing more work in the backend, more calls, more press. You have to, so things don’t go wrong.”

Ninja’s Coping Mechanism

The only coping mechanism that Ninja uses is to be ‘a good person’. He said “That pressure isn’t always there… if you make sure you’re a good person, you won’t have a problem.”

But even though Ninja fears losing his Twitch stardom and fan base with one petty mistake, he ensures to do it al the right way. His stardom continues to grow each day and Ninja doesn’t plan to slow down anytime soon.

“I understand the situation I am in,” Ninja said. “I’m grateful for everything that has happened, everything I have in my life right now. I am blessed.”

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