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‘Never used in my whole life,’ Manoj says of his ‘jo jeeta’ abuse in Family Man

Actor Manoj Bajpayee will star in the second season of The Family Man, and there’s something about his character Shrikant Tiwari that he doesn’t understand. In a recent interview, Manoj discussed Shrikant’s potty tongue on the show, including how one specific swear word surprised even Manoj.

Shrikant and his wife Suchitra (played by Priyamani) are seen during a couple’s therapy session in the show’s trailer. He starts dishing out Bollywood dialogues and concludes it with swear words that had to be beeped out since he was tired of folks using metaphors for his position.

Manoj told Bollywood Hungama that the level of swearing in the scene isn’t something he’s used to in real life. “The swear words I say after ‘jo jeeta wahi sikander,’ I’ve never used in my life,” he said. It’s such an irritating swear word that I’m not sure how it came to me so naturally. It just happened organically because I was engaged in Shrikant Tiwari’s character the entire time.” It will be used by these people.) In the interview, he stated, “Just this and nothing else”

Despite his reservations, filmmakers Raj and DK were keen to incorporate it into the show. “This is exactly what occurred; I spoke with Raj and DK, who responded, “No, it’s looking good, it’s amazing,” and then began jumping, “No, don’t modify this abuse, this is amazing, this goes with Shrikant more.” I’ve never used that type of abuse in my life, and I won’t do so again since social media is a really terrible platform that can come back to bite me again and again “he stated

Shrikant will face new obstacles and villains in the upcoming season. Samantha Akkineni, an actress, is also a part of the second season, which will premiere on Amazon Prime on June 4th.

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