Ms. Marvel Is Supposed To Premiere On Disney+ In February 2022 News

Ms. Marvel Is Supposed To Premiere On Disney+ In February 2022

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September 22, 2021

Ms. Marvel is expected to premiere on Disney+ in February, according to reports. Kamala Khan first appeared in Captain Marvel #14 in August 2013, and she immediately found her way into other kinds of media, including the animated series Marvel Rising and computer games like Marvel’s Avengers. In 2019, it was confirmed that she would have her own Disney+ show in 2020, with newcomer Iman Vellani cast as the lead character.

Ms. Marvel would be pushed back to 2022

Ms. Marvel was expected to debut in 2021, with Marvel Studios Executive Vice President Victoria Alonso stating as recently as July 2021 that it would debut alongside Hawkeye before the year’s conclusion.

Hawkeye, on the other hand, was given an official premiere date of November 24, 2021, and a following marketing campaign that included a trailer and poster hinted that Hawkeye would be the next MCU show after What If…? ended in October. Hawkeye’s six-episode order suggested that it would wrap up right before the end of 2021, indicating that Ms. Marvel would be pushed back to 2022.

Ms. Marvel is expected to debut in 2022, and will be the first new MCU movie of the year. According to The Direct, Disney wants to distribute Ms. Marvel on Disney+ in February 2022, according to industry source Amit Chaudhari. Disney has yet to make an official announcement, and Chaudhari is waiting for confirmation from either Disney or Marvel.

Sometime in late December

Ms. Marvel would have a one to two-month gap between it and the Hawkeye finale, depending on whatever week Disney chose to broadcast it. That’s about the same amount of time as the gap between Marvel Studios’ The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Loki, as well as between Loki and What If…?

This also opens the possibility of The Book of Boba Fett serving as the Disney+ flagship show for the month of January, with the series rumoured to premiere in late December.