MrBeast To Reappear On Logan Paul’s ‘Impaulsive’ Podcast After 2 Years

It’s happening, once again! Viral YouTuber and Internet sensation MrBeast appeared on Logan Paul’s podcast two years ago. But it seems like history might repeat itself when MrBeast appears for yet another episode on ‘Impaulsive’.

The last time Logan Paul had MrBeast as a guest on his podcast, fans loved the episode immensely. It might not be the best performing episode of Impaulsive but has crossed over 4.4 million views on YouTube to date.

Behind The Scenes

Recently, the behind-the-scenes man of Impaulsive, who is also the producer of the show Dylan Landon shared a quick BTS from the upcoming Impaulsive episode. It features MrBeast laughing out loud on the ongoing discussion. The chief host of the show Logan Paul has reshared Dylan’s story captioning it ‘we’re on fire’.

It remains to be seen what MrBeast and the Logan gang were really talking about but from the brief Instagram story it looks like they were talking about boxing since Logan Paul mentions the word ‘knock out’.

Recently Logan Paul and his crew traveled to England to collaborate with KSI and the Sidemen. Logan appeared in a segment on KSI’s show ‘Overhype’ while KSI was seen on Logan’s podcast. It is the best performing and most viewed episode of Impaulsive so far in 2021. The two locked heads in the boxing ring over two years ago and their collaboration sent the message that there is no more friction between the two.

MrBeast Wasn’t Happy With Logan X Sidemen

However, Logan’s collaboration with the Sidemen did not sit well with one person. It was MrBeast. The YouTuber who is famous for producing the most viral videos on the platform felt that it was an opportunity wasted because Logan just went fishing with the Sidemen.

MrBeast claimed he could have given a much better viral video that could help Logan X Sidemen collab break over 100 million views.

“He’s like, damn you were collabing with the Sidemen and all you guys did was go fishing? If you would have asked me, I would have given you a video that got 100 million views,” Paul said in one of the later episodes on his podcast.

When MrBeast appears on Impaulsive, this discussion is sure to happen. Tell us how excited are you to see MrBeast return on Impaulsive after long two years.

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