MrBeast Paid $16,000 To Professional Builder To Build Him A Giant Minecraft City

Jimmy aka MrBeast is known for his viral antiques and this time, it’s no less!

MrBeast is an avid lover of Minecraft and he usually puts out content related to the game! In the past, MrBeast has done interesting stuff revolving around Minecraft. But this time, it was taken to a whole new level.

In of his videos in the past, MrBeast gave away $30,000 to a fan for beating professional Minecraft gamer Thomas ‘TommyInnit’ Simons. So, what did MrBeast do this time?

Minecraft Real Estate

He paid a bunch of professional Minecraft builders for various housing projects. Yes, MrBeast is into Real Estate now – Minecraft Real Estate.

He asked difference pro builders to build him a house. The budget ranged from $2 and went up to five figures. The costliest one being $16,000.

The $16,000 project was more than just a house. It was an entire mega city that fascinated MrBeast and his entire crew.

The $16,000 Mega City

MrBeast’s crew passes though a tunnel under the $16,000 project and as they climbed a ladder, opened a door, they find themselves standing in a futuristic city complete with buildings, roads, cars, a bridge, a transit system, a football stadium, and more.

The city even had superheroes battling out in the sky. It ranged from DC Comics heroes and villains like Batman, The Joker, and Superman, to Marvel heroes and villains like Doctor Octopus, Spiderman, and more.

The city had a MrBeast Headquarters building dedicated for the YouTuber to do his office work and brainstorm viral content ideas. How caring of the builder! Isn’t it?

Who Won The Contest?

However, the best ratings from the crew were given to another project worth $5,000 and the winning builder got to take home a prize of $10,000.

If you haven’t watched the video, what are you waiting for? The video is jam packed with creativity and masterpieces. It has also raked in over 10 million views and is trending in the top 30. Have a look:

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